Tarea Semanal (Weekly Homework)

For your Tarea Semanal (Weekly Homework), you can either watch a television show or movie in Spanish for 30 minutes or you can read in Spanish for 30 minutes. After you watch, you need to write the following (in Spanish) and give it to me on Friday at the beginning of class:
  1. the name of the show that you watched or the article, book, etc. that you read
  2. a description of what you watched or read about
  3. at least 5 new vocabulary words and/or expressions that you learned
  4. something interesting about what you watched or read - this could be someting cultural or something linguistic
  5. something you had difficulty with
  6. if you would recommend this show and/or read and why
Some suggestions for where/what to watch:
  1. Student recommended:
    1. Coming soon... hopefully!
  2. Netflix - There are a ton of movies and shows in Spanish. Many of them you can watch with Spanish subtitles (recommended). If you don't have Netflix, come to my room during TASC.
    1. Rebelde
  3. Hulu Latino - There are tons of telenovelas here! There are some other shows and movies too. If you don't have an account, come to my room during TASC.
  4. Univisión - Lots of shows and series here.
    1. I am looking forward to this one - El Hotel de los Secretos! Similar to Gran Hotel on Netflix. See a preview for the series here. This show has Spanish (and English) subtitles.
  5. Telemundo - Lots of shows and series here too.
  6. ATRES - This is a television channel from Spain. Not sure, but you might need to create an account. This site has Spanish subtitles!
  7. RTVE - This is a television channel from Spain. Click on series at the top or explore the other types of programs.
    1. Master Chef
  8. El Trece - This is a channel from Argentina.
  9. Cien Latinos Dijeron
Some suggestions for what to read:
  1. Come see me for some (leveled) novel and/or short story recommendations.
  2. Check out UnivisiónBBC Mundo, or Veinte Mundos. Or find another site.
  3. Anywhere online or in your life where you can read Spanish!

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