viernes, 6 de octubre de 2017

Un accidente

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Un accidente
Preguntas Esenciales (unit packet):
  • How do I explain what happened if someone (including myself) has an accident and/or needs medical assistance?
  • What are some cultural products, practices, perspectives in the song “La Curandera”?
  • What are some common illnesses that people have to be aware of in Latin America? 
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Ay Doctor por Jesse y Joy

"I Can" statement for the unit:
  • Listen to and understand a story, “Ya está muerto,” about a time when someone was in the hospital. 
  • Explain what happened in the story,  “Ya está muerto”.
  • Describe what happened if someone (including myself) has an accident and/or needs medical assistance.
  • Interpret and explain information about a common illness in some parts of Latin America from infografías and PSA. 
  • Compare and contrast the cultural products, practices, and perspectives in the song “La Curandera” with my own cultural products, practices, and perspectives.
  • Use the preterite, imperfect, reflexives verbs, and indirect object pronouns with more accuracy.

Doki Descubre - Doctor

Pobre Corazón por Esteman

lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

En las noticias: Un acto heroico

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Preguntas Esenciales (unit packet)
  • How do I communicate about and interpret what happened during a natural disaster?
  • What natural disasters occur in parts of the Spanish speaking world?
  • What occurs during these natural disasters?
  • How do people react during a natural disaster?