8A - Proyecto - Presentational Speaking

Español 3 - Un viaje
Presentational Speaking Assessment
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  • Plan a trip for a group of 20 students to a Spanish speaking country. Use these resources: Lonely Planet en español, Expedia en español, Trip Advisor, Home away. You may use others as well.
  • You and your partner  will “pitch” your trip to the class on ____________________
  • Your presentation will include you talking about the trip, images and/or videos to show what is included in the trip. You should also include a map.
  • You must include all of the following information in your presentation:
    1. ¿Dónde? ¿Por cuántos días?
    2. ¿Qué tipo de viaje es? ¿Activo? ¿Cultural? ¿Ciudad? ¿De esquí? ¿La playa? ¿Aventurero? ¿Una combinación?
    3. ¿Cuándo? ¿Qué tiempo hace? ¿Qué ropa sugieres que lleven?
    4. ¿Qué tipo de alojamiento (lodging)? ¿Casa, cámping, hotel, o hostel? ¿Cuánto cuesta por noche?
    5. Itinerario ¿Cuántos días? ¿Actividades? ¿Qué recomiendas que hagan durante el viaje? ¿Qué sugieres que vean?
    6. ¿Recomiendas que coman alguna comida y bebida típica del país o que visiten algún restaurante especial?
    7. ¿Cuál es el dinero que se usa en el país? ¿Qué recomiendas que hagan para cambiar el dinero?
    8. ¿Cuándo sale el vuelo? ¿Cuándo llega? ¿Qué sugieres que haga para asegurar un vuelo bueno? ¿Cuánto cuesta?
    9. ¿Cuánto cuesta el viaje? (el total)
  • STEPS:
    1. STEP 1 - Investigate, gather information and images, and cite everything. Do this in a Google Doc - shared with Mrs. Jacobs (citations will be at end of video - easy to do with Research tool.)
    2. STEP 2 - Write your script, aligning it with the images.
    3. STEP 3 - Share your script with Mrs. Jacobs and conference about revisions.
    4. STEP 4 - Decide who is going to say what and practice saying your script.
    5. STEP 5 - Memorize your script and write some notes as prompts to help you.
    6. STEP 6 - Present your trip to the class.
    7. STEP 7 - View your classmates’ trips and compare and contrast them to yours. Decide which trip you would most like to go on.

18-20 puntos
15-17 puntos
14 o menos puntos
Your Spanish pronunciation is excellent.

It is obvious that you practiced before presenting.

You speak with inflection and it is obvious that you are excited about the trip and trying to persuade others to go.
You have a few pronunciation, but it is still good.

You speak with inflection in some parts of the presentation.
You have many pronunciation mistakes.

You sound very monotone and not very excited about the trip.
You included all of the necessary information (including citations of all of your sources) and you include extra information.
You include all of the necessary information.
You are missing some of the necessary information.
When you had a problem with technology, you looked for a solution.

You helped the class by sharing (without anyone asking) your solutions to technology problems.
When you had a problem with technology, you looked for a solution, but quickly gave up and asked for help.

You may have helped others to solve technology problems.
When you had a problem with technology, you became frustrated, immediately asked for help, and/or gave up.
Your presentation is interesting and engaging.

You reference your notes very little during the presentation.

You have many images and what you are saying is directly aligned with the images.
Your presentation is interesting and engaging.

You reference your notes frequently during the presentation.

You have some images, but what are saying may not always line up with an image.
Your presentation is not very interesting.

You rely heavily on your notes when presenting.

You have minimal images and the images may not be aligned with what you are saying.
You did all of the pre-planning on time, including:
- sharing your notes and images in a doc with Mrs. Jacobs
- sharing your script with Mrs. Jacobs and going over revisions
You did not do parts of the pre-planning or did not complete some items on time.
You missed most of the deadlines for the pre-planning activities.

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